Program Development & Evaluation

Empowering Education works with district, school, and/or organizational leaders to facilitate development and evaluation of effective services and programs. Programs are selected or designed to provide specific improvements that address educational opportunity gaps and result in positive outcomes in student academic and social achievement.

Program Development Process

Empowering Education consultants use a collaborative approach within a systematic, strategic planning process to ensure client identified outcomes. EE helps clients identify their existing strengths, needs, and goals; then, facilitates program design, implementation, and evaluation.

Embedded Program Evaluation

Empowering Education builds evaluation into each phase of program development. This embedded program evaluation increases the likelihood of strong implementation that is sustained across time.

EE engages in program development and evaluation for the purpose of empowering people to:

  • Improve student outcomes through effective program design
  • Hone skills in collaborative strategic planning for system improvement
  • Take desired system improvements to scale

The cycle of improvement and expansion is clearly informed by engaging in evaluation of participants’ reactions, their learning, the development of organization supports, implementation of new practices that reveal increased professional knowledge and skills, and positive impact on student outcomes.”

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