Collaborative Consultation

Empowering Education helps clients achieve their equity-focused outcomes using a collaborative consultation approach. 

Strength-based Approach Because EE consultants take a strength-based approach, clients are supported to identify and build on their own internal assets to solve problems or change practices.

Equity-Driven EE consultants are committed to helping clients identify internal strengths, maximize assets, and integrate evidence-based practices, in order to, leverage resources toward accomplishing a vision of equity and excellence for all.

Systemic EE consultants understand that sustainable results require a community approach that includes organizational changes in policies and practices at all levels of the system.

Therefore, our services address these 5 Empowerment Arenas:

  • Empowering Students & Families
  • Empowering Classrooms
  • Empowering Schools
  • Empowering Districts
  • Empowering Communities