Welcome to Empowering Education Consultation and Systems Supports Services. We’re an organization that provides professional learning and consultation services for educators, families, and community agencies. At Empowering Education (EE), we focus on helping schools, districts, and other child and family serving agencies, develop the capacities to promote academic and social success of all students.

Professional Development

Customized and designed to build capacity, Empowering Education professional development services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. All professional development activities focus on clients building their own capacity to meet valued outcomes within their own context.
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Collaborative Consultation

Empowering Education supports clients to achieve desired outcomes using a collaborative consultation approach. Recognizing the diverse expertise and strengths of our clients, EE’s method of consultation facilitates an interactive process that enables people within the organization generate creative solutions to mutually defined problems.
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Program Development & Evaluation

EE works with district, school, and/or organizational leaders to facilitate development and evaluation of effective services and programs. Programs are selected or designed to provide specific improvements that address educational opportunity gaps and result in positive outcomes in student academic and social achievement.
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E-Learning Tools are designed to support educators in providing evidence- based and/or promising educational interventions that assist students in meeting important social learning goals that are directly related to school success.

Success Stories

Empowering Education provided consultation and professional development services to the Mayerson Academy with the goal of advancing Cincinnati Public School’s Positive School Culture initiative. Read more

Empowering News

Restorative Justice approach to discipline empowers school communities and students. Click here to read about how a school district is using Restorative Justice to address behavior problems without suspension.

Our Blog

Interact with Empowering Education consultants about strategies for empowerment.
Blog Topics: Wondering how to effectively address educational opportunity gaps? Click here to read and respond regarding empowerment for students, classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.

Empowering Connections

Empowering Connections is a non-profit, community-based organization with a purpose of expanding networks that include voices of historically marginalized people; to empower and transform lives through proactive systems of strength-based supports.
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