Success Stories

Empowering Education collaborates with the Mayerson Academy to help Cincinnati Public Schools implement district-wide initiative

Empowering Education (EE) provided consultation and professional development services to the Mayerson Academy with the goal of advancing Cincinnati Public School’s Positive School Culture (PSC) initiative. The overall intended outcomes of the district’s PSC initiative were to create a safe and inclusive culture within each school, increasing student time engaged in dynamic learning environments, while decreasing the number of student disciplinary referrals. In the course of the collaborative relationship, EE consultants worked with Mayerson Academy and Cincinnati Public School personnel to develop and implement a comprehensive, professional learning plan that included: e-resources for principals and teachers, customized implementation tools, and ongoing profession learning opportunities for school-based teams.

Building Capacity

Through mapping the district’s assets, EE consultants were able to support Cincinnati Public Schools, successfully leveraging internal resources including: organizational structures, technology systems, and district personnel, increasing the district’s capacity to support the implementation and sustainability of PSC practices in every school.

Increasing Knowledge and Skills

District personnel participating in professional learning opportunities provided by Empowering Education consultants consistently reported an increase in their knowledge about session topics from pre-session to post-session. Empowering Education consultants also were rated as effective presenters, consistently, across all professional learning activities.

Positive Outcomes

Schools effectively implementing PSC practices demonstrated positive student outcomes.

An independent evaluation of implementation efforts found that schools participating in EE facilitated professional learning opportunities, identified as “High Implementers” demonstrated a stable rate of disciplinary actions, consistently lower than the disciplinary rates of schools categorized as “Moderate/Low Implementers.”

 What consumers say

When asked about the expertise of Empowering Education consultants one participant wrote:

Dr. Seena Skelton and Dr. Karen Schaeffer of Empowering Education Consultation and Systems Support Services began training the Positive School Culture (PSC) Expert Cadre for Cincinnati Public Schools several years ago.  Dr. Skelton and Dr. Schaeffer were able to bring the concepts and theories behind Positive School Culture to life.   Each training was well planned and built on our current knowledge as participants.”

Dr. Deborah D. Heath
Lead Intervention Specialist
Conflict Resolution Specialist
Woodward Career Technical High School