Who We Serve

School districts and community organizations come to us when they’ve identified needs related to achievement gaps, disproportionate representation of diverse student groups in gifted and/or special education programs, behavioral disruption of learning environments, and/or challenges with interagency or cross-profession collaboration.

We help build the capacity of DISTRICTS to:
support high achievement in every school, eliminate disproportionality, and create empowering leadership at all levels of the system

We help build the capacity of SCHOOLS to:
improve student achievement, close achievement gaps, and create an empowering school culture

We help build the capacity of TEACHERS to:
increase student engagement in rigorous academic work, improve the achievement of all learners, and create empowering classroom environments

Child and Family Organizations
We help build the capacity of CHILD AND FAMILY SERVING ORGANIZATIONS to: collaborate effectively with schools and families, to increase impact of services and supports, and to create empowering relationships across professions